Oak Multi Academy Trust

Oak Trust is a partnership of schools in Leicestershire and Leicester City with a shared ethos, common values and collective goals. We do not have a 'lead' school, instead a collaborative approach within a framework that encourages and supports a high degree of autonomy for each school, recognising that each school has a particular character and set of strengths.

Oak Trust is committed to providing an inspirational education which allows all our pupils to realise their full potential as learners and citizens through excellent teaching, learning and development of the whole child. We will meet the needs of our unique schools and communities through collaboration, support and challenge.

Strategic Development

The Stages of Development

These stages are as applicable to the founding members of Oak Trust as to new schools that may join. 




Strategic objectives fall into the following priority areas:




Our transformational map, that summarises developments for each of these priority areas is shown here. Please click on the image to the right for the full document.