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Vision and Values

Oak Academies are schools that love supporting young people to flourish, to succeed, and to grow up with a passion for learning, a sense of curiosity, and to be confident in their place in the global society. Our young people thrive, achieve great outcomes and have a well rounded education. Our schools are rooted in our localities, responsive to contexts, and valued by students, parents, staff and communities alike.

Our Vision and Values

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to achieve to their potential and be supported in unique and bespoke ways to do so. Every child is unique, and our approach is tailored to advancing their own learning journey.

Our learners are ambitious, for themselves and for society. We nurture that ambition by providing a wide and varied curriculum that is experiential, rich, and looks at the ‘art of the possible’.

OAK Academies are based in knowledge rich learning practices. We want all children to be confident in their knowledge, to be able to apply skills to any situations they face, and to be sure of their learning and how they can use it to support their lives, and those of others. Our pupils and students demonstrate an intellectual curiosity that means learning isn’t a function of school, but a matter of every day life.

OAK will support schools and children wherever we can add value. We are not precious about structures, but seek to work in collaboration for the bettering of our education system.

Create Opportunity

Nurture Ambition

Develop Knowledge

Are Oak



Our focus is resolutely on our children and young people, helping them to succeed



We are public servants and use our resources prudently, with restraint, and to achieve maximum academic impact



To not take credit for other’s endeavours. We are one team, we celebrate successes and we share accountability



To ensure that everyone feels welcomed, and that being part of Oak is an enjoyable experience.