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Strategic Development

The Stages of Development

These stages are as applicable to the founding members of Oak Trust as to new schools that may join.

Stages  Method

Question academy performance

Audit and Benchmarking: 

  1. Analysis of KPI's and SEF for each school.
  2. A RAG rated profile for each school is created.
  3. Outcomes fed back to Executive Team and Trust Board.

What has been learned?

Collective Review and Target Setting:

  1. Data analysis and RAG rating for each school informs Trust-wide targets.
  2. Where necessary, Trust KPIs reviewed.
  3. Trust Board informed.

Support needs

Deployment of Support:

  1. Needs discussed with academy, involving LGB.
  2. Peer review and support.
  3. Allocation of Improvement Lead, Champions, SLEs etc.

What has/hasn't worked well?

Progress Review:

  1. Outcomes of peer review shared.
  2. Reports received from Improvement Champions & SLEs.
  3. Is the support working?

Has intervention made a difference?

Ongoing concerns highlighted: 

Good practise celebrated and disseminated through Executive Team and Improvement Leads.











Strategic objectives fall into the following priority areas:

  1. Outcomes and Curriculum
  2. Teaching. Learning and Assessment
  3. Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare (incl. safeguarding)
  4. Estates and Resources
  5. Leadership (incl. planning for growth)