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Executive Team

Our Executive Team is made up of the CEO, the Headteachers of each of our schools and our Chief Financial Officer.  

 Chief Executive and Chief Accounting Officer

Andrew Wilson

Chief Finance Officer

Sarah Davis 

Director of School and People Development

Craig Brown

Executive Team Member

Matt Evans (Headteacher, Overdale Junior School)

Executive Team Member

Hayley Brown (Headteacher, Woodland Grange Primary)

Executive Team Member

Simon Greiff (Headteacher, Manor High)

Executive Team Member

Hayley Holmes (Headteacher, Overdale Infants)

Executive Team Member

Grace Brown (Headteacher, Brookside Primary)

Scheme of Delegation

Oak Trust, by design, has a very open structure that enables us to be very outward looking; we value partnership with other schools and organisations.

Our scheme of delegation allows for a high degree of autonomy for successful schools and reflects the strengths that exist within our trust.  We truly value the contribution made by each school within the trust and no school is more important than any other.