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Thursday 1 July 2021 

500 words competition 

The first ever OAK Academies Trust 500 words competition took place on Thursday 1 July. Unfortunately it had to be done over Teams, but we were overwhelmed by the quality of the 240+ entries we had over year 2 and year 6. There were 16 winners from each year group who had their names published in a book. The, a further 8 commendations who won a £10 book voucher, and three medallists from each year group who won bronze, silver and gold with a £10 voucher, £15 voucher and £30 voucher respectively. Well done to everyone who entered, some amazing writing, and we look forward to holding the event again next year - preferably in person! 

The vouchers are to be spent in the fabulous independent book store, Kibworth Books